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  1. hi Kim, (jeez, I hope you are the right ‘Kim’)

    I am, as usual, redecorating and searching for more curtains. Today I ran across this site, but of course I am too late to grab your recolors of SPX’s Pelmets & Swags off of BPS, so I am hoping you have them here because they are just too perfect and I must have them 🙂 I have the meshes, but I absolutely need your beautiful sheers – Can you please help me? Thank you!

  2. I am crying BUCKETS over the loss of BPS. My computer had crashed and I lost many of my files for Sims2, so I’ve been just devastated that I haven’t been able to recover so many of my favorites from BPS. So glad that you have your site!

  3. Hi Kim,
    I am wondering about some of your BPS TS2 recolors. There were some sofa recolors that I think were maxis but not certain, and the Grant Park curtain recolors that I seem to have lost. I should have NOT decided to clean out my external:( If you would be willing to share that would be great and if not, that’s fine, I understand how it must be to have everyone bugging you.
    Thanks so much!

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